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Newspaper articles about Hand Me Down Dreams

The Boston Herald, April 27, 1981, "Breaking the Mother-Daughter Welfare Cycle," John Mullins, Associated Press.
Publishers Weekly, May 8, 1981, p. 228 "Rights and Permissions," Paul S. Nathan.
The Boston Globe, "Watching 'Dreams' Become a Movie," June 29, 1981: Miller, Barbara.

Newspaper articles about the author's role with therapy pets

The Boston Herald, "Pets Have the Power to Keep Us Healthy" June 9, 1985, Vicki Croke.
The Boston Globe, "The Case for Pet Power," August 22, 1985:3.
The New York Times 23 Aug. 1986: 33+. "New and Expanded Roles for Man's Best Friends."
The Boston Herald Sunday Magazine "A Therapist's Pet Theory." 1 Feb. 1987: 12+. Alison Luterman.
Time Magazine "Furry and Feathered Therapists." 30 March 1987: Anastasia Toufexis.
The Boston Globe "Therapist's Pet Theory Helps Troubled Kids." 16 Dec. 1988: 87-88. Croke, Vicki.
The Boston Globe, "In The Lives of Children, Animals Can Play a Role." 17 Jan. 2002: 3+. Meltz, Barbara F.
Massachusetts Psychologist "Psychologists Explains Role of her Co-Therapist Canine." Apr. 2004: 3+. Souter, Catherine Robertson.

Newspaper articles about Sugar Was My Best Food

People Magazine, "Sweetness and Fight," August 24, 1998.
The Boston Globe, "A Kid's Eye View of Diabetes," April 27, 1998, Doten, Patti.
Newton TAB, "Newton Author's Book Featured in People Magazine."
The New York Times, "Books to Help Children Understand They Are Not Alone," June 15, 1999.

Newspaper articles about Mommy Far, Mommy Near

The Boston Globe, "The Adoption Issue: Keep It Private But Not Secret," June 22, 2000. Meltz, Barbara.
The Boston Globe, "Author Takes a Look at Adoption Through the Eyes of Her Children," November 23, 2000. Noonan, Erica.

Newspaper articles about Pilgrim Cat

The Newton TAB, "A Cat, The Mayflower, and a Children's Book," September 29, 2004, Andrews, Sarah.
Newton Magazine, "A Feline Thanksgiving Tale," November-December 2004.

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