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Death and Dying Non-fiction

Few of us are ever prepared for the loss of a loved one. Young people grappling with grief for the first time are often confused and frightened. This guidebook helps the reader understand and cope with loss. The author, who is also a practicing psychologist, suggests a simple yet effective action plan for seeking support from others, keeping good memories alive, and beginning to heal. Based on her work with bereaved young people, Dr. Peacock offers true life stories about real teenagers who have experienced loss and begun to heal.

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Table of Contents

Chapter One:
Chapter Two:
Chapter Three:
Chapter Four:
Chapter Five:
Chapter Six:
Chapter Seven:
Further Resources
About the Author
Grief Up Close
How People Grieve
Warm Up
Express Your Feelings
Reaching Out
Keeping Memories Alive
Moving On

Scholastic, Hardcover, September 2004, ISBN: 978-1417649594
Scholastic, Paperback, March 2005, ISBN: 978-0531167281

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