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MOMMY FAR, MOMMY NEAR: An Adoption Story

Mommy Near, Mommy Far Illustrated by Shawn Costello

Elizabeth, who was born in China, feels a range of emotions as she learns she has two mommies; one in China and one in America. When Elizabeth expresses confusion about having two mothers, her adoptive mother shares stories with her. Together Elizabeth and her mother play their made-up "Adopt Me" game. Eventually, with the help and support of her American mother, Elizabeth begins to understand that she has a far mommy and a near mommy, both who love her very much.

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"Although Elizabeth, a young Chinese girl, is secure in the love of her adoptive Caucasian American family, she still has questions. Why, if China is such a big country, wasn't there room for all the babies? Didn't her mother love her? Such questions surface in games with her younger Chinese sister, in loving give-and-take with her American mother, and in hurt feelings after seeing a Chinese mother and daughter at the playground. Decorated in floral patterns and colored in lush, velvety hues, the thickly stroked, realistic artwork expands on the text while heightening the emotions it conveys. Elizabeth's misgivings are met head-on by her adoptive mother's reassurance, love, and thoughtful responses. The mother's tender support not only reassures Elizabeth but will also benefit other adoptees, especially those from Third World countries, as it reinforces the efforts of all loving, adoptive parents."

"With sensitivity and honesty, this book explores the feelings and questions a young Chinese girl has about having been adopted into an American family. Elizabeth's healthy exploration of what it means to be adopted evolves naturally over time. The illustrations make Elizabeth's intermittent vulnerability even more obvious."
   —School Library Journal

"Elizabeth has always known she was adopted from China, but when she learns she has a Chinese mommy, too, some difficult questions are raised. The situation is handled sensitively by the author, who writes from personal experience....the faces deftly show the strong emotional bond between adoptive mother and daughter."
   —The Horn Book

"Mommy Far, Mommy Near is exceptional. I really loved the fact that the story is told by a child to other children—the book's readers. 'This is my story,' she seems to be saying, 'And this is how I came to understand it.' ... While this would be a wonderful addition to any library, it is especially significant for those touched by international and transracial adoptions."
   —Kathryn Creedy, Adoptive Families Magazine

"Carol Peacock's deft writing convey(s) a tenderness that is heartwarming, even as Mommy Far, Mommy Near raises emotional and crucial issues around adoption, abandonment and differences...parents can use this book for discussion of adoption from other Asian countries. The issues and experiences are universal. This is a touching book—be prepared for tears in your eyes when you read it."
   —Alison Martin,

Albert Whitman & Co., Hardcover, January 2000, ISBN: 978-0807552346

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